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Xenophobia (USA) - Vomit on the Rabbi LP

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Black Metal


After almost 20 years since his initial release date and upon eight and a half years of detention sentenced to his founding member, the cult demo tape of Xenophobia - Vomit on the Rabbi - sees the light of the day as exclusive deluxe LP, being both audio and graphic material carefully restored for this release.

If you are searching for a clean sound or some trendy "plastic melodies" you can stop reading here and fuck off with your Darkthrone LP in your butt.
On the contrary, if you are searching for a relic of the NSBM history, this sick and putrid LP is all that you need.
Thanks to the essential overview of David Miller, without which this record wouldn't have ever seen the light, and thanks to the interest of Black Metal Cult Records, it has been possible to give a new life to one of the most obscure and militant projects ever existed.
This legendary edition of the demo originally released in 2004 also features 3 new cover songs  (“It Could Happen to You” by Aggravated Assault, “When the Boat Comes In” by Skrewdriver and the song  “National Socialism” dedicated to the unforgotten Mariusz "Szczery" Szczerski, leader and voice of the Polish RAC legends Honor, died during a car accident in 2005.
Each copy is presented with a special anastatic print on uncoated paper of the “Hate-Monger War Zine” edited by Brian Moudry (alias Warhead Jewgrinder) and consisting of 40 pages of interesting journal articles; including one about the infamous Nazi Serial Killer, where it is discussed the Italian case of Wolfgang Abel and Marco Furlan being part of  commando Ludwig; another with a mini interview to Spear of Longinus; and much more.
This deluxe LP edition also contains an insert full of UNPUBLISHED photos of Brian and a Xenophobia's biography written by Brian himself after being released from the jail.

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