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Gryftigæn (CL) - Graven til Måneåpenbaringer LP

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Black Metal


Gryftigæn is consecrated in anno 2019 by “Lord Valtgryftåke” Guitars/Lyrics/Vocals. Subsequently be part “Lord Nbl Dmn III” Drums/Percussions. Through different magical sounds and spectral vibrations what characterizes as “Oneiric Nigredo” the magical articulation of this muziek is crystallized and channeled through the empyrical prisms of the Death worship-Black sorcery & Privitivism. This entity revives the ancient legacy of the 90´s dark ages in the witchcraft path, the essence is to embody itself as the sacralical acts of reverberation and the poisonous enchantment of Man. The name “Gryftigæn” consists of two ancient words fragmented from the Poisonous that is described in Germanic texts and ancient words from Proto-escandinavian themes referred to “Place of rest or Buried”.

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